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Identify goals, learn new skills toward relief and
loving connection.

Our Services

Our coaching services

Our coaching services are customized to best meet the needs of you and your loved one’s unique situation. Options we can provide include:

  • Here in support of both of you

  • Listening with compassionate patience and understanding

  • Raising awareness of well-intended yet unsuccessful ways of engaging

  • Engaging with gently creative tips, techniques to help you

  • Creating a map for more ease in specific Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

  • Supporting you both based on years of diverse dementia training and direct experience

We work together to restore the caregivers personal reserves and capacity to lovingly and patiently engage. This comes by first acknowledging the depth of physical, emotional and mental challenges faced when a loved one has dementia. We create space for each person in the relationship to be as healthy as possible, experiencing moments of joy and retaining the love and connection of the shared lifetime.

We have found that allowing someone anywhere along the dementia spectrum the time and opportunity to engage as they are able is an honor and delight like no other. We create this by giving them the attention and presence to truly be seen as they are in the moment. We meet them in their reality ~ and in doing this we reduce the struggles which lead to care partners exhaustion. With small adjustments to everyday activities and thinking we, the care partners, have the ability to truly honor the person we support.

By increasing sense of purpose and identity, we enhance their quality of life, all the while creating a more manageable environment and flexible atmosphere from which to handle the myriad Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) required. In approaching these days with knowledge and kindness, we support both our loved ones and ourselves during this challenging time.

Want to learn more about our team? Click here to Meet Annie.

Initial Session

An initial in-home visit is our opportunity to get to know one another, and typically runs 1-2 hours. Through engaging in a typical daily activity, you and your loved one get to know me, and I’ll begin to map opportunities to enhance ease and connection for your daily living together. We will begin looking at how to interact with your loved one in ways that create more success and moments of connection for both of you.

Pricing: $175.00 per hour ($195 per hour in person)
Location: Zoom *In-Person available upon request

Cost Saving Options Available: Getting you the support you came here to find is our mission.  Here are a couple of alternatives to one-on-one coaching services:

  • Group sessions are available in person or via zoom. 

  • Quarterly Zoom Education Event with a “Pay What You Can” rate.  The moneys collects for these events is donated with a 50% employer match to the  Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Foundation in honor of Annie's Bonus Dad who we lost to this cruel disease in 2022.

    • CLICK HERE and submit the “Contact Us” form for information on this Quarterly education and collaborative conversation.


At this time Jacobsen DCC is not scheduling appointments for Q2 of 2024.  Please feel free to submit the contact form to discuss scheduling starting in July or later.  

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