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Get in the Lifeboat: An Online Summit for Dementia Caregivers, Nov. 11-22, 2019

Caring for someone you love with dementia can leave you feeling lost at sea. You’re struggling to navigate so much change, riding waves of guilt, grief, sadness, and confusion, drowning in overwhelm, and so often doing it all on your own…but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Join me for two weeks of informative lectures and presentations given by leading speakers and experts on dementia from across the country! I’ll be a featured speaker in this FREE online summit, Get in the Lifeboat: An Online Summit for Dementia Caregivers. The summit begins November 11, 2019 and runs for two weeks, with daily presentations, freebies, and an opportunity to ask experts questions via our private Facebook group.

  • You will learn practical skills for the day-to-day experience of caring for someone with dementia so that you have tools to reach for in the most difficult moments

  • You will become aware of how shifts to your mindset help you see caregiving and dementia in a whole new way so you can release some of the stress and find more joy

  • You will gain knowledge related to dementia so you can better understand what’s happening and care for your loved one and yourself more effectively

  • You will discover how to nurture your own mind, heart, and spirit with compassion and creativity so self-care isn’t out of reach

  • You will be able to tailor the experience to your needs, at your pace, from the comfort of your own home so that this nourishes you and doesn’t drain you

The event will include presentations by 24 dementia professionals across disciplines, including doctors, psychologists, geriatric care managers, nursing home administrators, senior care advocates, and more. Replays will be available, so you can watch at your own pace. You will have direct access to dementia experts and many caregivers just like you in a private Facebook community so you can strengthen your network and know you are not alone.

I hope you’ll join us. To register (at no cost to you!), go to for your boarding pass, and then join the conversation in the Facebook group,

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